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It is probably because you want to be that man who fully satisfies the sexual desires of his woman; that’s why you are here, right? There are so many out there trying the same thing as you but can make it. Out of this humiliating inability, lots of men seeking solutions go as far as employing desperate measures, some of which are quite harmful.

One fact, however, we must understand is that erection is all about the blood circulation in the body. If yours is okay and your body lacks any other erectile dysfunction problem, then long-lasting in bed will never be a problem. Well, here is the solution already. Ensuring proper blood flow, it is as long as no other erectile disfunction affects you.

Today, many men go for male enhancement pills to ensure they last at least longer in bed, but this is one risky method. Other suitable alternatives include the following;

Staying active

Carrying out a cardiovascular exercise at least 30 minutes each day would do a great job of getting your blood flow in shape. Sex is an exercise in itself and mostly tend to get your heartbeat rates high, and that’s why you need good blood flow. Some activities you can do to achieve this is running, swimming, or even having sex. Get your best booty sex doll or any other of your most preferred design choice and begin exercising.

Know the foods to eat

Fruits and vegetables help improve blood flow in the body. Some of these include;
• Bananas – They contain potassium which is quite beneficial in enhancing sexual performances
• Garlic and onions – This two help improve general blood circulation in the body
• Peppers and chilies – When used as natural spices, they help in boosting blood flow hence reducing inflammations and hypertension.

Also, in addition to this, you can eat other foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B-1, and Vitamin B.

Reduce Stress

Lots of stress reduces libido. It raises the heartbeat rate, which in turn increases blood pressures, and that lowers sexual desire. When stressed psychologically, you find difficulty in achieving a proper erection and also attaining orgasm.
Try as much as possible to avoid stressful conditions. If you have any, you can talk to a trusted friend or counselor to help you go through them. Note that stress can aswell trigger other bad habits like excessive drinking, which might worsen your sexual performance further.


The best way sometimes to improve your sexual performance is by practicing sex. Masturbation might sound awkward to some people who believe it is unethical; however, when done correctly, it is quite useful in this situation. Get yourself a sex machine, a sex doll, or toy and begin your training. There are a lot of more realistic sex dolls out there; you can choose to make your practice more real.

Get help

It could be particular sexual disorders that are affecting your performance; Peyronie’s disease, erectile dysfunction, or any other. The best solution here is to seek medical treatment.


So much, you can do to improve your sexual performance as a man. However, right and non-harmful ways are always better. From the worlds’ top sex dolls suppliers, you can always find various types you want; TPE or Silicone types to help you in your practice. Try not to apply complex solutions while you have easy and straightforward ones.

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